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Mehta Solutions Selection Procedure of Any Organization Selection Procedure of Any Organization.. Product #: hr15 Regular price: Rs2500 Rs2500

Selection Procedure of Any Organization

Product Code: hr15
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Project Report  New


Product Details: Selection Procedure of Any Organization

FormatWord file

Pub. DateNEW EDITION  ready made


Edition DescriptionNEW

Ready to submit project : yes

Number of pages : 65-70 project report plus synopsis

Data : current


ABOUT THE Project Report 



  If you find yourself getting fed up and frustrated with other project report  now Mehta Solutions brings top solutions for projects

  1. Quality project report
  2. Research methodology
  3. Graphs , questionnaire
  4. Conclusion
  5. Everything in project



  1. I want changes in project

Ans  Readymade project if changes required additional charges rs1500 applied

  1. I want project report according to my university guidelines

Ans yes just attach guidelines

  1. Total cost of project rs2500 mentioned

Ans  yes readymade rs2500 and if any changes rs1500 extra

  1. Synopsis included

Sol yes

  1. How much time required if any changes required

Ans  4-7 days if changes required

  1. Please not every faculty department we have
  2. Please do not bargain  for price its fixed cost company
  3. Just order and pay
  4. What is your official timing for faculty department

Ans  10 a.m to 8 p.m


1. FILE by email

2. Attachment in few hours or as depends upon work

3. pdf or word file 

4. Rating of product : largest selling


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